Pittsburgh Song – Ah! Leah!

In case, you’ve been checking out the Pittsburgh songs but not watching the videos, I highly recommend that for this video you drop everything and watch the hilarity ensue.

It takes you back to the early days of MTV, a time when the music video as a medium was in its infancy. Honest true, I think videos from back in those days are way better than anything on the air right now. In fact, I officially declare the music video over, not that what I say has any impact. But seriously as much as the world needs infectious pop songs from Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga, what they do NOT need is more of their overdone bondage-themed orgy/gang-bang videos. All that stuff is so passe by now that putting it in your music video just makes you look like a has-been. These ladies and a lot of artists could take a cue from Donnie. Keep it simple, yo! Well, I’m sure that Donnie kept it simple because his video budget was like $500 and a case of I.C. Light, but whatever it’s still a good lesson.

BTW, the comments for the video are a trip – so many people saying that they were named after this song! Who knew Donnie Iris invited the name “Aaliyah”?